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Servinz delivers comprehensive Staffing Solutions tailored for the insurance industry. Our offerings encompass end-to-end sales and service support, meticulously designed by seasoned insurance agents for insurance agents and partners.
Servinz’s Insurance Staffing Solutions empower insurance agents to focus on selling while leveraging our trained and insurance-savvy staff. By entrusting us with existing book management and client support, agencies can enhance client retention, expand their client base, and, ultimately, drive increased insurance sales.
Servinz caters to insurance agencies of all sizes, ensuring scalability to meet each client’s unique needs. We work closely with our broker and agent partners to custom design a staff that aligns with their business goals, regardless of their size.
Absolutely, Servinz’s Staffing Solution is meticulously crafted to bolster independent insurance brokers and agencies. Our roots in the industry, established in 1984, have evolved to adapt to changing landscapes, including Health Care Reform and shifting risk paradigms, making our staffing solution an ideal choice for staying competitive.
To embark on your journey with Servinz, please reach out to us. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your brokerage, assessing cost and value aspects. This analysis delves deep into your operations, uncovering opportunities for revenue growth and efficiency enhancements through our proprietary systems and staffing solutions. Simply email or call us to schedule a consultation.
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